Summit Agenda


10:15AM - 11:00AM

Session One: Who We Are

11:00AM - 11:30PM

Overall the summit aims to deliver an inspiring, educational and ultimately change-making experience for women at every stage of their career in marketing, media, innovation and tech. We have some wonderful surprises in this opening session, which shares a perspective on who we are.

Alyson Carney, Assistant Events Manager, AWNY: Tap Dancing

Prior to her role at AWNY, Alyson was a cast member for Walt Disney World. Outside the office, she is a seasoned entertainer with a passion for dance.

Mari Kim Novak, CMO, Rubicon Project: An Early Stage Ad Tech Girl

Mari Kim’s work for P&G at Grey Advertising launched her career. Her challenge? To make the computer more “female.”

Francine Tamakloe, Marketing and Events Coordinator, AWNY: Spoken Word Poetry

Francine has always been expressing herself through words and encourages others to do so, having founded First Word Epiphany, a collective of student poets at USC: “As much as I love to do poetry, I think my real ability lies in creating a group and developing that talent.”

More surprises to come!


Session Two: The Challenge

11:30PM - 12:30PM

We begin this session with an invitation to be challenged as presented through the lens of our speakers — the hurdles of personal struggle and the competitive market — along with ideas to think about. This session lays the groundwork for an approach to multi-faceted thinking.

Dana Anderson, SVP & CMO, Mondelēz International: Audacious Thinking

Dana is passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge on everything from evolving client/agency relationships to new marketing ecosystems. She is dedicated to redefining the future of marketing through wisdom, wit and will.

Suzana Grego, Director of Public Engagement, Skoll Foundation: Communications As An Important Change Agent

With a background and upbringing in social justice, Suzana is focused on helping to demonstrate and activate the impact of social entrepreneurs on the world’s most pressing problems.

Jill Kelly, Chief Communications Officer, DigitasLBi: Finding Strength In Our Identity

As a Korean adoptee growing up in New York, Jill realized the notion of “otherness” at a young age. Difference and how one pushes through to self acceptance is the lens through which Jill views her work in communications.

Susan Kish, Executive in Residence, Excel Venture Management: Relevance

A seasoned entrepreneur in cross-platform strategy, innovation and integration, Susan has been successful in bringing new ideas and businesses to life inside large corporations and banks as well as in start-up environments.

Sarah Personette, Global Business Marketing, Facebook: Raising Your Game

Sarah sets the course for how the media community can best leverage Facebook’s apps in a mobile-first environment and challenges us to contemplate how can we be big visionaries, big thinkers.

Michael Roth, Chairman & CEO, IPG: Talent Management: How To Find Them, How To Keep Them 

As a leader known for cultivating talent, Michael believes you can’t win the war for talent without winning the war for diversity and inclusion.


12:30PM - 1:30PM

Session Three: The Skills

1:30PM - 2:45PM

This session is defined by skills we gain in our career, in our practice. It’s about how we learn to stay flexible, relevant, and respond fluidly to trials and successes as they come.

Maryam Banikarim, Global CMO, Hyatt: Chaos & Curiosity

Maryam solves problems and manages chaos by viewing obstacles as opportunities. It is her belief that chaos demands that you push forward as a cohesive team which ultimately transforms organizations.

Katrina Craigwell, Global Director of Marketing Innovation, GE DigitalThe Pitch

Katrina’s career lies at the intersection of communications and technology as she focuses on connecting brand and audience through the common passion points of science, technology and engineering.

Lisa Donohue, Global Brand President, Starcom Worldwide: Staying Power

Known for her ability to span the quantitative and creative divide, Lisa draws upon 21st century skills to shape her career with a focus on the convergence of media, technology and creativity.

Anita McGorty, EVP, Global Director of Corporate Communications, Publicis MediaReframing/Resilience

While she has built a career in writing executive speeches for colleagues, this is Anita’s first public speaking engagement about a powerfully moving and life-altering event.

Nicolle Pangis, Global COO, Xaxis: Boundaries: Work And Family

Known for her ability to lead organizations in transition, Nicolle has a highly developed skill for efficiency and has created her own highly personalized work/life structure to be fulfilled and thrive at both.

Linda Yaccarino, Chairman of Advertising Sales & Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal: The Energy To Transform

Under Linda’s leadership, NBCUniversal is the only media company to have recorded three consecutive years of revenue growth. Her “One Portfolio” strategy created an industry standard that others have since followed.

Networking Break 

2:45PM - 3:15PM

Session Four: The Next Generation

3:15PM - 4:15PM

This session focuses on the importance and well being of our industry by nurturing, supporting and showcasing the next generation.  

Sheila Buckley, SVP Sales, Business Insider: Getting Started

An accomplished sales and marketing executive with extensive start-up, turnaround and line operating experience across media and the ad tech sector, Sheila is also the incoming Chairwoman of the AWNY Board. 

Nicole Emerick, Director of Social Media, FCB ChicagoSide Hustle: What Are You Doing With Your Time?

While working in finance, Nicole started the blog on the side. Early on, she realized social media would change the world. Today Nicole leads the social media team at FCB Chicago. She feels advertising “found her” and loves the balance of art + commerce.

Charlotte Lipman, Research Manager, Myers BizNet

With a degree in TV, Radio and Film from Syracuse University and a background working in interactive TV advertising, Charlotte now works in consumer insights and enjoys the creative side of analytics.

Jack Myers, Chairman, MyersBizNet: The First Five Years

After two decades of technological disruption, economic collapse, social upheaval, political polarization and a war on terror, one generation carries on its shoulders the responsibility to return us to a time of social balance and economic growth. Jack is a leading voice on the next generation entering the workplace.

Erin Mynaugh, Associate Director Video Client Services, AOL

Erin essentially earned her MBA on the job, having joined her company after an acquisition and learning the ever-changing nature of media first-hand, while transitioning into management.

Sara Shaker, Assistant Media Planner/Buyer, Co-op, Havas Media Group: Getting Started

Sara is a fifth year student in the five year program at Northeastern University, and is just beginning her career in advertising. At Havas, she manages video, digital and mobile campaigns for a diverse list of clients.

Kara Tu, Sr Global Insights Lead, LinkedIn
After initially studying pre-med in college, Kara followed her heart to find a career that marries her love for art and culture with her affinity for numbers and analytics.

Shelley Zalis, CEO & Founder, The Girls' Lounge: Earning Your Professional Reputation

Shelley has gone against the grain most of her career, starting in 2000 when she left the corporate world to pioneer online research. Today she is connecting amazing, intelligent and inspiring women on an international scale — women who are game-changers, mentors and leaders of cultural change.

Session Five: The Future

4:15PM - 5:15PM

Now we project future forward. As our learnings transform from hurdles to stepping-stones through practice, we create room to look for opportunities and the potential to open up the landscape for our future.

Lynn Branigan, President/CEO, AWNY: The Next Chapter

The Advertising Women of New York, Inc., founded in 1912 by Christine and J. George Frederick as the League of Advertising Women of New York, was the first club for women in advertising in America and one of the first in the world. Today the organization extends its commitment to provide networking, mentoring and professional development initiatives for women in media.

Janet Balis, Partner/Principal, Head of Strategy Consulting Practice for Media & Entertainment, EY: Answers & Questions: Women’s Research

With extensive experience in cross-platform media, and a history of future-facing roles, Janet advises companies on digital strategy, focusing on the ways to engage consumers and brands at scale in the new world.

Pam El, CMO, NBAShowcase Your Passion

As the first African American and the first woman to hold her current position, Pam knows something about overcoming challenges. She recently gave the commencement speech at VMU telling the students to “find something great that only you can do and go do it”.

Lauren Leader-Chivee, Co-Founder & CEO, All In Together/Executive Advisor, Deloitte Consulting Talent: Taking On Stereotypes

As a writer, researcher and thought leader on diversity and women’s issues in the workplace, in politics and around the globe, it is Lauren’s belief that diversity is the most under-leveraged U.S. economic asset.

Jenny Rooney, CMO Network Editor, Forbes: Conversation and Q&A on Unconscious Bias

An accomplished journalist, guest speaker, panelist and moderator, Jenny has worked at leading business publications covering marketing, advertising and sales, digital and emerging media, and legislative and regulatory issues in multiple industries.

Amy Wilkins, Chief Revenue Officer, Smithsonian Media at Smithsonian Enterprises

Amy is a multi-channel media executive with expertise in developing new revenue streams and content-driven solutions across platforms. Known for empowering team members and developing young talent, Amy also serves as the President of the AWNY Board of Directors.

Cocktail Reception

5:15PM - 6:00PM