Bringing marketing, media and communications communities together for a transformative experience


On July 19th AWNY will produce the Stages Summit in Chicago -- a storytelling performance presented in a series of first-person narratives from women in our industry -- to ignite learning on topics of interest and to allow women to embark on a journey that will profoundly impact their lives.   



Where information becomes inspiration for women at every stage of their career.


Where the collaborative brain trust of leading influencers and change agents results in an exchange of ideas that aligns minds and reshapes worldviews.



Where a shared experience and a clarity of vision moves you forward with unified momentum – and helps you form meaningful connections along the way.

Empowering attendees to see the industry and the world anew


The program for the Stages Summit will present stories of challenges, skills, and inspiration for women at every stage of their career. It will create an experience that will shake, inspire, delight, teach, surprise and empower. 



Inspiring and nurturing community

 Founded in 1912, AWNY’s mission is to empower women in marketing, media and communications to achieve personal and professional fulfillment at each stage of their careers in order to nurture women achieving leadership roles in our industry. Membership now stands at over 1,500 individuals and ranges from senior level executives to those just beginning their careers. Corporations are also forging alliances with AWNY to ensure that all employees have access to AWNY programs.

A modern oasis in the heart of Chicago


The Ivy Room embodies a history of artistic elegance, offers picturesque views of the courtyard garden and transforms every event into an extraordinary experience.